Black Lives Matter

This post was written by my 19 year old daughter, who’s hurting from all the recent tragedies and racial injustices that she’s currently seeing unfold before her eyes. Certainly, she knows that racism has always existed but this time it registered differently when she saw how brutally George Floyd was murdered. She couldn’t fathom how these police officers could blatantly take another person’s life, with no regard, when their job is only to protect and serve! Where is the justice for George Floyd and so many other black lives that have been lost in this manner?

Why anyone would think that pressing a knee, to the point of suffocation, into a handcuffed citizen’s neck completely disarms and alarms me. No man should or can play “God”.

When I saw Jhayla’s post, it was imperative that she knew she had my support. She needed to know that she was being heard and that l will always stand with her, and any other black person, to fight this battle of racial injustice!

These are the true feelings and words of a young black female who is HURT because WHITE America keeps killing OUR PEOPLE, written after watching a man die. The post is uncensored, as I wanted to respect her freedom of speech. The post may be considered harsh to some, but true emotion can’t be dictated. The Mommy Culture Club wants young BLACK America to know that we are listening and their voices are being heard! Jhayla, we stand with you!

This is my very first time seeing this video. I- I just want to start by saying fuck you Amerikkka. Fuck the judicial systems! I am hurt. I’ve been hurt, but this pig does not deserve third degree murder. I can CLEARLY see (as someone who is not specialized in jurisdiction or in any of those sorts at all), that this is a premeditated murder. This man intentionally killed George. As the man standing on the side said in the video, he could tell by the cops body language that he was INTENTIONALLY trying to kill him. This man KEPT adjusting to hold his knee on to George’s neck. George was crying for water. Crying for aid. This man did not murder Floyd on accident. I am just even more petrified than I was before, before seeing this. George, you did NOT deserve to die like this. I am hurt. And I thought I was hurt before, but now?! Now, after seeing this..I can not apprehend the feelings that I am feeling right now. This video MUST live on. This video MUST make you uncomfortable. Don’t forget what we’ve been fighting for people. You’re being heard. We all are. #Blackboys I love you. #Blackwomen I love you. #blackfamilies I love you. I would like to have a family of my own one day, but I am scared for my life. I am scared for their lives! What about my immediate family now?! Or the black people I don’t know?! I am terrified for them and for myself. It’s just shocking that this case is still ongoing. Y’all are taking too long with this. This is why we riot. This is why shit is being broken down and lit on fire. Don’t act like you don’t understand. Let these people be angry! Y’all burnt down plenty of our homes, churches, and properties. Stop trying to act like the victim! All of the evidence is there. What more do y’all need to see that this pig is a true murder??! (Mama, elders, professors, etc. sorry not sorry for the cursing. These words came from my heart and I need people to be uncomfortable right now). Stay safe everyone, continue to be smart everyone, I love you.


Jhayla Donaldson

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