Welcome to the Mommy Culture Club!

Hello there, YOU beautiful warrior!!

And yes, my sister, we’re talking to YOU! Welcome to your new safe haven and the most exciting one-stop-shop for all things mommy related. From beauty and wellness yo style and society, we’ve formed the coolest club you’ll ever belong to. 

Here, not only can you explore, learn, and let your hair down, but you can also find strength in numbers and support to get the necessary encouragement we as mothers often need to push through as we foster generations and run the world, simultaneously. 

Like any club, this one has rules – then main one being a mandatory, daily recitation of our governing mantra – “I’ve Got This”. This is so, because truthfully, we have no choice but to grab life and its experiences by the horn and make it all happen. And, though “it” can be anything from being superwoman and super man, simultaneously, to distributing soft kisses to bruised, it requires a lot and that effort shouldn’t go unnoticed.  Especially because as mothers, we have no other option but to ALWAYS rise to the challenge.  In short, this club was established to create a platform that would breed ideas, support dreams and exchange experiences about mom life that will help each of us become just a little more amazing and a lot more resilient.

We encourage all of you warriors to check out our site and make sure you’re in our mix. MCC is cooking up amazing content and information that we hope will serve you well. 

Welcome to the Mommy Cultural Club. We’re glad to have you. 


This blog is brought to you by Cherecka Donaldson and Beisa Thomas

1 thought on “Welcome to the Mommy Culture Club!

  1. Cheryl Donaldson

    Hello my fabulous daughter,

    I am beyond proud of you! Even though your dad is no longer here physically, I know he is so proud of you as well and will forever be with you in spirit. You have been working so hard towards this adventure since college. I know you will do amazing things with God’s help and as always my support.

    Love always,


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