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Let me introduce myself again to you guys! I’m Beisa and I love enhancing your beauty! My fascination with hair and makeup began at an early age. From dolls, to my little sister, to my grandmother, I was always in somebody’s head. As I grew older, it became more of a necessity for me to keep up with the latest styles. My mother was an AMAZING single parent that took extremely great care of me, but having the privilege of going to a hair salon every week was not really an option so I learned what I could on my own. 

Moving forward to how I began to make this a hustle. GSU circa 1999. Like most college students…I WAS BROKE! So instead of settling for that, you could find me in Oliff Hall, with a sign posted vividly outside of my door with slots offering haircuts, blowouts, relaxers, weaves, color, ponytails, etc. at an extremely reasonable college friendly price. And let’s just say, I was BOOKED and BUSY! There was literally nothing I wouldn’t try to figure out how to do. I was also very much into makeup and kept a fresh beat while on campus. I joined a dance team called Dyverzions and it wasn’t long before I was on hair and makeup duty for the team. It’s actually how I met 3 people that significantly changed my life personally and professionally. Mychael Knight, Cherecka Donaldson, and Satchel Jester have been the heavy hitters in my career. They were the first ones to really believe in my talent and pushed my name out there. I mean, I could not believe some of the people they put me in front of, or the rooms I was walking into. My kit only consisted of 3 powders, one eyeshadow palette, and a few cheap lip glosses. Hell, I didn’t even have business cards! Funny story, I had an opportunity doing a fashion show, and a very well-known and accomplished makeup artist rolled in with her many crates of makeup and an army of assistants. I had already set up my little area and waited nervously for a model to come to me for service. Long story short, not one model sat in my chair and not only that, the other makeup artist politely requested for me to move my little caboodle out of the way because she needed ALL of the tables. I was embarrassed, but patient. The host of the fashion show was running late and needed to be done quickly, so she plopped in my chair and I got to work! She was so surprised that I did so much with so little product and even shouted me out on stage! I was elated! MORAL OF THE STORY…. It’s not about what you have, It’s about being skilled and confident enough to work with what you have!

Fast forwarding to present. I’ve accomplished a lot in the beauty industry and have had the opportunity to work with some really amazing people…I’m truly grateful for all the experiences and continued memories! Now I’m putting on my writing cap and blogging for MCC with one of my besties! I’m stoked that she is including me on yet another one of her endeavors. Cherecka…YOU ROCK!!!! Since becoming a mom, consistency is what is most important so I continue to work as a healthcare advocate to ensure that I can provide for my child, all while still keeping my hands busy making women feel their best one beat at a time. There is nothing I love more than turning a client around in my chair and seeing a truly genuine smile at how even more amazing I’ve made them look. I know that one day I’ll have to leave the corporate world behind and solely continue my passion in this beauty world, but for now, like all moms, I’ll continue to juggle my many hats! #BOOKME


Beisa AKA BeatbyB

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